Katie Prevost, staff attorney, wearing a dark blue blazer with red details and red glasses.


Staff Attorney (Not yet admitted to practice in DE)




She, Her

Katie Prevost, J.D., joined the ACLU-DE team as staff attorney in August 2022. Prevost graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in 2003 and practiced law in the Greater Kansas City Area until she moved to Delaware in 2022. 

"Becoming an empty-nester during the COVID-19 lockdown allowed me time to dream about what my next chapter in life could be. After much research, I chose to move to Delaware because, in addition to its geographical beauty and proximity to historic sites and national destinations, Delaware is a state that is continuing to move the country forward towards a more perfect union. The Delawareans I have met since my arrival have only confirmed that The First State is full of thoughtful people who are trying to ensure dignified lives for all citizens. With the recent passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, Assault Weapons Ban, and Youth and Schools Mental Health Laws, Delaware serves as a role model to the nation. In the same vein, the ACLU's mission to preserve and advance civil liberties and civil rights fits perfectly with the causes I want to spend my time fighting for. Like the trailblazer Pauli Murray proclaimed, 'I want to see America be what she says she is in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. America, be what you proclaim yourself to be!'"