The right to vote, and to have one’s vote accurately and fairly counted, is a fundamental right of all Delawareans. That’s why we’re coordinating the People Power effort in Delaware by facilitating meetings, offering support and resources, and focusing on voting and voting rights in the First State.

Our voting system is deeply flawed and there are numerous barriers to voting across the state:

  • Our voter registration systems are outdated and cumbersome;
  • Elections are often poorly managed—the ballot is confusing, there aren’t enough polling places and lines are so long they discourage voting; and
  • Outdated voting machines fail to ensure a safe and secure vote.

Often, these flaws in the voting system disproportionately affect people of color and alienate already marginalized communities from the voting process, which leads to an inaccurate democratic representation of the First State.

The “Let People Vote” campaign in Delaware has a few main focuses:

  • Getting new voting machines;
  • Supporting legislation that removes the barriers to voting; and
  • Getting out the vote.

We need your help to break down the barriers to voting and make our democracy inclusive, accessible, secure and efficient. For more information, reach out to Morgan Keller, Communications Manager, at