S.A.F.E. Schools Campaign

Organizing the power necessary to create racial justice, end the racial and socio-economic segregation of our schools, ensure fair discipline, and eliminate the opportunity gap is how we create Safe, Accountable, Forward, and Equitable (S.A.F.E.) Schools.

How We Work

The S.A.F.E. Schools campaign is moving to push for action and accountability from decision-makers at every level of our educational system, including school and district administrators, local and state elected officials, and the Delaware Department of Education.

We accomplish this by amplifying the voices of those most impacted by historical educational inequities and speaking up to educate stakeholders about the reality of the current state of our school system.
We organize parents, students, and community members. We speak out against injustice and inequality. We demand acknowledgment of and response to the disparities that create barriers for Black, brown, low-income, special education, and students who speak English as a second language.

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Campaign goals

  • Create equity in COVID response and virtual learning through extra support at high-needs schools;
  • Create equity for Wilmington’s schools by holding districts to the same standards set at schools in higher-income communities;
  • Ensure more resources are getting to the schools and students who need them;
  • Replace police officers in schools with trauma-informed and culturally appropriate services;
  • Erase the disparity in rates of disciplinary action between white, Black, and brown students;
  • Hold decision-makers accountable for swift and equitable solutions; and
  • Ensure that relevant and culturally responsive curriculums are implemented in all schools with teacher and staff training to support implementation.