Section 1 of this bill moves the date of primary elections for statewide office, county office, and municipal office to the fourth Tuesday in April, which is the date of the presidential primary (in presidential election years). The dates for submitting and withdrawing notification of candidacy have been adjusted accordingly.
Section 2 of the bill changes the deadline for a minor political party selecting its candidate at the party’s convention.
Section 3 of the bill changes the deadline for filing certificates of nomination from September 1st to April 1st.
Section 4 changes the “closed” period in which a voter is not allowed to change his or her political affiliation to match the 60-day limit in 15 Del. C. § 3189 for presidential primaries.


Rep. Bolden (Prime), Sen. Pettyjohn, Rep. Dorsey Walker, Rep. Short. See Bill Number link for list co-sponsors.


In Committee: Senate Elections, Govt., and Community Affairs


150th General Assembly

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