The stacking of sentences can, and has, in some cases, result in severe prison sentences without permitting the sentencing judge any discretion as to the offender’s individual circumstances or the facts of the case. In order to provide such judicial discretion, this bill reforms concurrent and consecutive sentencing. This bill provides sentencing judges with the discretion to sentence prison time concurrently when appropriate. However, this bill mandates consecutive sentences when there are multiple victims for the most serious crimes. In addition, this bill requires consecutive sentences for assault in a detention facility. Under this bill, based upon the facts and circumstances of a case, prosecutors are able to recommend and judges have the discretion to order consecutive sentences.


Rep. Longhurst (Prime), Sen. Poore, Rep. Bolden, Rep. Brady, Rep. Dorsey Walker, Rep. Kowalko. See bill number link for full list of co-sponsors.


Signed by Governor


150th General Assembly

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