Employment for formerly incarcerated individuals is a major barrier to transitioning and re-entering the community. The National Institute of Justice estimates that 60% of ex-offenders are jobless one year after their release. Improving access to employment opportunities for ex-offenders helps lower the State’s recidivism rates and will improve public safety and reduce taxpayer spending on prisons. This Act seeks to improve access to employment for formerly incarcerated individuals by establishing the Ex-Offender Employment Opportunity Tax Credit that offers a tax credit to employers hiring qualified ex-offenders in an amount equal to 10% of that individuals wages, with a maximum credit of $1500.


Rep. Matthews (Prime), Sen. Lockman, Sen. Delcollo, Rep. Chukuowcha, Rep. Dorsey Walker, Rep. Yearick. See Bill Number Link for full list of co-sponsors.


Out of Committee: Ready for House Consideration


150th General Assembly

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