Bills We Support

  • HB 36 would limit the use of solitary confinement for the general prison population and prohibit its use as a disciplinary tool for the mentally ill or juveniles.
  • HB 37 would limit the information available through employer-run background checks to Class B misdemeanor convictions or greater, thus eliminating sharing of unclassified misdemeanors or violations.
  • HB 39 is a bill to moratorium on charter schools in the City of Wilmington until June 30, 2017.
  • HB 30 expands access to special education services in grades K-3.

Bills We Oppose

SB 12 expands mandatory minimums for possession of a deadly weapon by persons prohibited. The bill expands the definition of “conviction” by including a violent juvenile adjudication for anyone 16 years or older. This proposal ignores research and court decisions that clearly differentiate juvenile behavior from adult criminal behavior. It also fails to recognize that juveniles in delinquency proceedings are not afforded the same constitutional protections as adults in the criminal system.