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  1. ACLU-DE Attorneys represent transgender prisoner on civil rights violations

    August 10, 2016CaseJustice Reform, LGBTQ+ Rights, Discrimination
  2. ACLU of Delaware files amicus brief in support of prisoners held past their sentence terms

    July 15, 2016CaseJustice Reform, Government Transparency
  3. A Perfect Storm of Bad Policing

    December 30, 2015CaseJustice Reform, Disability Rights, Discrimination, Racial Justice
  4. Standing for Homeless Students' Rights

    October 2, 2015CaseEconomic Justice, Education
  5. The Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age

    August 28, 2015CasePrivacy & Technology
  6. ACLU Challenges Dewey Rental Property Ordinance

    July 7, 2015CasePrivacy & Technology
  7. Case Docket: A Roundup of Our Recent Legal Work

    May 4, 2015CaseVoting Rights, Justice Reform, LGBTQ+ Rights, Religious Liberty, Economic Justice, Discrimination, Racial Justice, Education
  8. Keeping Kids in School

    April 24, 2015CaseEducation
  9. ACLU-DE Fights for Name Change for Transgendered Inmate

    October 28, 2014CaseLGBTQ+ Rights, Discrimination, Justice Reform
  10. ACLU-DE Contends Spring Season Girls' Soccer Violates Title IX

    March 4, 2014CaseWomen's Rights, Discrimination