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  1. Supreme Court Overturns Carmike Theater Case

    March 30, 2011CaseDiscrimination, Racial Justice
  2. Claymont Apartment House Admits Protestant Minister

    December 1, 2010CaseReligious Liberty
  3. Newark Agrees to Respect Fourth Amendment

    November 1, 2010CasePrivacy & Technology
  4. ACLU-DE Litigates Muslim Inmates' Right to Halal Meals

    January 15, 2010CaseReligious Liberty, Discrimination, Criminal Justice Reform
  5. ACLU-DE Legal Team Defends 1st Amendment, Freedom of Info

    September 23, 2013CaseFree Speech
  6. ACLU-DE Legal Team Improves Immigrants' Rights, Prison Conditions

    September 23, 2013CaseImmigration, Criminal Justice Reform
  7. Honors Student Banned From School For Pink Hair

    March 20, 2012CaseEducation Equity & Students’ Rights, Discrimination
  8. Legal's 2012 Success Stories

    April 10, 2013CaseFree Speech, Religious Liberty, Education Equity & Students’ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Discrimination, Immigration, Privacy & Technology, LGBTQ+ Rights, Government Transparency
  9. Wright v. City of Wilmington

    March 6, 2019CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Campaign for Smart Justice


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