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New Report about United States Bail System

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“Selling Off Our Freedom” documents how the for-profit bail industry fuels mass incarceration and perpetuates racial inequalities.

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End mass incarceration to make prisons more safe

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Delaware has the tenth most prisoners per capita in the United States. The long-term solution to this problem is not more guards, but fewer prisoners.

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Meet Tamarr Clark

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Tamarr filled a prescription for a family member and unknowingly became part of a drug crime.

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Every Sentence Should Not Equal a Life Sentence

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Americans like to think that our criminal justice system is a fair one: everyone is treated equally no matter their race or how much money they have, and once someone “does their time,” they have paid their debt to society and can get back to living a normal life. Unfortunately, reality is a far cry […]

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2016 Legislative Overview


We’ve got your crib notes for the upcoming legislative session!

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Support Marijuana Decriminalization

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Although more can and should be done to reform Delaware’s drug laws, HB 39, which would decriminalize possession and private use of small amounts of marijuana, is an important step.

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News from the Floor: Updates from Legislative Hall


Need crib notes on what’s happening in Leg Hall? We’ve got you covered!

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Keeping Kids in School

Keeping Kids in School

Our efforts to tackle two of the most significant issues faced by Delaware students: unreasonable school discipline practices and discriminatory school admissions practices.

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Profiting From People With Assets, Punishing Those Without

Guest post by Randolph Vesprey and Brenna Stewart, ACLU-DE’s summer 2014 legal interns. Deficiencies in Delaware’s police and court procedures can result in nightmarish situations for people who have assets that are wrongfully seized or for those who don’t have the assets needed to pay fines. So either with money or without, you could find […]

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Reaching Further for Delaware’s Students

STAY IN SCHOOL PROJECT EXPANDS ITS IMPACT Isaiah is a typical middle school student. He loves music and movies, enjoys spending time with his friends, earns pretty good grades in his classes, and says he wants to start his own business when he grows up. Isaiah also has mild Asperger’s, which increases his likelihood of […]

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