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Update on Immigration in Delaware

Syrian family DE - website

Update on Syrian refugee family in Delaware and investigation into President Trump’s executive order.

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Case Docket: A Roundup of Our Recent Legal Work

Voting Rights Because of deficient election procedures in the Town of Slaughter Beach, people entitled to vote were prevented from doing so in the town’s recent election. After the state Elections Commissioner agreed but stated the law wasn’t broken, we negotiated a charter amendment and ordinance changing the town’s election procedures, eliminating several practical barriers […]

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Public School Coaches Must Not Endorse Team Prayer

CONTACT: Kathleen MacRae, Executive Director— 302-654-5326 x102; Wilmington, DE (October 31, 2014) – The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware this week sent letters to the superintendents of 18 Delaware public school districts requesting that all athletic coaches be reminded that they may not endorse or participate in team prayer. The practice, which was […]

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Legal’s 2012 Success Stories

Occupy DE

Here are highlights of some of our work in 2012.
Please alert us if you become aware of constitutionally questionable happenings in your community.

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Religious Discrimination At Work

Religious freedom

The ACLU of Delaware took action to protect the religious freedom of a Delaware worker.

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Religious Rights versus Government Interest

[This first appeared in The News Journal on May 21, 2012. Written by Alan Garfield, ACLU of Delaware Board Member. Reprinted with permission. ]                 What should happen when a law conflicts with someone’s religious practice?  Should the person be exempted from the law?   Or should the person have to obey like everyone else? That’s […]

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DOC Agrees to Pastoral Counseling for Death Row Inmate

Wilmington, DE (March 8, 2012) —The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware (ACLU-DE) and the State of Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) have settled a case brought on behalf of death row inmate David Stevenson. Stevenson, a practicing Muslim since 1995, began petitioning for pastoral visits from a Sunni Salafi Muslim imam in May of […]

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High School Changes Choral Program To Respect Religious Freedom

A New Castle County high school changed its concert selections for 2011-2012 to bring them within constitutional requirements, after receiving correspondence from ACLU-DE and the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief. The correspondence was sent on behalf of a high school music student who had been compelled to choose between singing a substantial […]

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Claymont Apartment House Admits Protestant Minister

At ACLU-DE’s request, management of a Claymont apartment house for the elderly changed its policy and began allowing the tenants to have a Protestant minister use a common room to conduct religious services one Sunday morning every month. ACLU-DE had been contacted by a representative of Protestant residents of the building, who were distressed because […]

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ACLU-DE Litigates Muslim Inmates’ Right to Halal Meals

ACLU-DE Cooperating Attorney Gary W. Aber recently began representing a Muslim inmate at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in a case seeking to compel the Department of Correction to provide Halal meat to Muslim inmates in the prison. A federal statute, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, prohibits prison authorities from imposing […]

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