November 21, 2016:  Our suit against officials at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center for mistreatment of our client, a transgender prisoner there, is ongoing. Our initial motion for a preliminary injunction was denied. However, on October 19, the Department of Corrections released a revised policy on transgender prisoners that provides our client, and other transgender inmates, with some of the relief we sought.

Among other things, the new policy ensures that transgender inmates can disrobe, shower, dress, and be strip-searched separately from other inmates; that they will have privacy issues and their own views on safety considered in housing placements; and that staff will not purposely use incorrect pronouns.
August 10, 2016: From The News Journal:
Top Delaware prison officials denied a transgender female inmate medically recommended hormone therapy, read her legal mail and threw her in solitary confinement after she consulted with attorneys, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed this past week in the Court of Chancery.

Representing inmate Kamilla Denise London, attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware and the Wilmington law office of Cole Schotz P.C. claim that Department of Correction employees have subjected London to "sweeping retaliation" over the past three months, including transferring her to solitary confinement instead of moving her to a prison medical facility as recommended by her psychologists, limiting her phone access to attorneys and seizing confidential legal documents.

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