The Constitution protects the due process and equal protection rights of every person in the US, regardless of immigration status.

Yet we know that immigration status has an enormous impact on the way many people in our community are treated, as well as the opportunities and systems they can and cannot access. From employment to housing to education, there are numerous obstacles that are unfairly levied against immigrants both in our state and the nation at large. Discrimination on the basis of immigration status threatens the civil rights of some of our most vulnerable members of society, and we will not tolerate it.

At the ACLU-DE, we are working to enforce and expand protections for immigrant communities in Delaware and ensure that everyone's rights are respected, regardless of status, language, or country of origin. Our work includes fighting to increase legal protections for workers, conducting more education and outreach around civic-engagement for non-English speakers, and building strong coalitions in the state for community members to stand together against the barriers of xenophobia.

*Data from the American Immigration Council

VOTAMOS, We Vote Coalition

A.VOTAMOS, We Vote Coalition


With growing immigrant communities, the need for effective and collaborative advocacy on issues ranging from access to healthcare, law enforcement, and access to government services has increased exponentially. Under the backdrop of a historic presidential election and the global pandemic, advocacy groups across Delaware formed the Votamos We Vote coalition to engage Latine voters in the First State and build their political power.

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