Criminal Justice Reform

The ACLU of Delaware works to end mass incarceration and achieve a smart, fair, and equitable criminal justice system.


Every day people of color, immigrants, women and people with disabilities face unfair and unequal treatment. Share your story, so ACLU-DE can help end discriminatory practices for all.

Economic Justice

Economic justice is a civil right. The ACLU of Delaware fights to protect some of society's most economically vulnerable residents, including low-income students, homeless people and low-paid workers seeking equitable working conditions and living wages.

Education Equity & Students’ Rights

Students don't leave their rights at the schoolhouse doors. ACLU-DE fights to protect students’ rights in the classroom and ensure access to a fair, adequate education for all.

Free Speech

The Constitution's framers believed that freedom of inquiry and free expression were the hallmarks of a democratic society. But historically, at times of national stress — real or imagined — First Amendment rights come under enormous pressure.


Our Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights and civil liberties of every person in this country — regardless of citizenship, refugee, or immigration status.