Mental Health

  • NAMI Delaware: nonprofit that provides housing resources, support and discussion groups, as well as policy advocacy. 
    • 427-0787
    • Crisis Intervention Services (Mobile Crisis) Staffed 24/7
      • Northern Delaware Crisis Hotline: 800-652-2929
      • Southern Delaware Crisis Hotline: 800-345-6785
    • Non-Crisis helpline
      • Open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday
      • (888) 427-2643, Select Option 1 For HelpLine
      •  En español (302) 415-4356
  • Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health: oversees the following programs and services 
    • Delaware Psychiatric Center, Crisis Intervention Services, Prevention Services, Treatment Access Center, Substance Abuse Help 
    • (302) 255-9399
  • Mental Health Association in Delawarepromotes improved mental well being for all individuals and families in Delaware through education, support, and advocacy 

Physical Disabilities Services


  • Housing Alliance Delaware: a state-wide nonprofit that works with partners to address the affordable housing needs in our communities and to solve the crisis of homelessness. Their programs include: 
    • Centralized Intake, Community Management Information System
    • Delaware Continuum of Care- a community-based collaborative that ensures a responsive, fair, and just approach to addressing homelessness, and strives to achieve housing for all
    • Policy & Community Development- facilitates the work of the Sussex Housing group, the Delaware Affordable Housing Coalition, and the Delaware Development Network. This work includes advocacy, policy, and planning that promotes affordable housing.  
    • intake@housingalliancede.orgText or call: 1-833-FIND-BED (1-833-346-3233) 
  • Arc of Delaware: a state-wide nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for and servicing Delawareans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Their services assist with housing, employment, as well as provide recreational programs.
    • New Castle County: 302-996-9400
    • Kent & Sussex Counties: 302-736-6140
  • 1-833-FIND-BED: homeless households in need of shelter can call this number 
  • Delaware State Housing Authority: provides education on what affordable housing is and resources regarding rental programs, emergency housing, and landlord/tenant issues. 
    • Toll-free: 1-888-363-8808
  • Delaware Low Income Housing: a tool to help find low income apartments in Delaware along with non-profits that help with low income housing with HUD apartments, public housing apartments, public housing authorities, and housing assistance agencies.
  • Affordable Housing Authorities in Delaware : a tool to help find affordable living options 
  • Housing and Urban Development Rental Help: resources and guidance regarding renting in Delaware 
  • Statewide Independent Living Council: removes barriers to independent living for people with disabilities and works to increase necessary supports and services. 
    • (302) 764-6216



  • Abortion Helpline: through the Attorney General’s office, call 302-992-8096 or toll-free at 877-312-2366. You will be asked to leave a message with your phone number and an attorney will call you back. You do not need to leave your name and you can provide specific callback instructions. You can also leave a typed message on the website contact form. 
  • Office of Women’s Advancement and Advocacy: responsible for overseeing the State’s women’s right work.  
  • Planned Parenthood: has locations in all three counties of Delaware.  They offer gender affirming hormone therapy for patients over the age of 18 throughout the state.  They also provide provide outpatient therapy, surgical letter writing services, and case management around the legal transition process 
    • 1-800-230-7526
  • First State Outreach Center Inc: we envision that our team will continue to provide uplifting care, support, resources, healing and inspiration that will better the lives within the LGBTQIA+ communities and their allies.
    • (301) 541-6139
  • Transliance: a non-profit group dedicated to helping transgender people network, learn, grow, and come together socially in safe, trans friendly venues. Our goal is to raise awareness and cultivate acceptance while celebrating the beauty in all of us. 
  • CAMP Rehoboth: seeks to promote community well-being on all levels; to foster the development of community groups; to develop community space; to promote human and civil rights; to work against prejudice and discrimination; to lessen tensions among the community at large; and to help foster the economic growth of the area. We work towards these ends through Arts & Cultural Programs, Education & Advocacy, Health & Wellness, Community Building, and Facilities. 
  • Parents of Trans Kids Delaware: to provide a safe, non-judgemental space for parents and caregivers of transgender and gender expansive children of any age, to ask questions, offer support, and to share information, resources, and life experiences. 

LGBTQ+ Resources 

  • Intersections of Pride: works to provide support, resources, and education.  We strive  to raise awareness about the BIPOC, LGBTQ, homeless, and other marginalized communities’ intersections. Collaborating with other grassroot organizers, Intersections of Pride Foundation is determined to bridge gaps and create a society of dignity and respect for the most marginalized in the state of Delaware. 
  • Rehoboth PFLAG: build on a foundation of loving families united with LGBTQ+ people and allies who support one another and to educate ourselves and our community to speak up as advocates until all hearts and minds respect, value, and affirm LGBTQ+ people. 
  • Transitions Delaware: founded to serve within and beyond the LGBTQ+ Community, Our Families & Allies through offering counseling services, consultation sessions, and personalized training. 

Domestic Violence 

  • State of Delaware Domestic Violence Coordinating CouncilIf you are fleeing domestic violence we encourage you to call a 24-hour DV hotline phone number. All hotline numbers are confidential, and staffed by trained professionals that can assist you with safety planning and access to available resources: 
    • New Castle County Hotline: 302-762-6110
    • Northern Kent County Hotline: 302-678-3886
    • Kent and Sussex Hotline: 302-422-8058