Education Equity Ambassador Program

Are you concerned with violations of students’ rights, underfunding, systemic racism, and harsh disciplinary practices in Delaware public schools? Are you interested in becoming a trained advocate for a safe, equitable, and proficient education for all Delaware students? Become an Education Equity Ambassador!

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Our Education in Equity Campaign is excited to launch the Education Equity Ambassador program to recruit, train, and empower Delaware parents and guardians to advocate for our schools and children and enable them with the skills to make changes for the better.

Education Equity Ambassadors (EEAs) complete paid training over the course of six sessions to better understand and navigate avenues for change, and to grow the skills necessary to become community advocates on education equity issues such as budget equity, restorative justice, inclusion, and health and safety and more.

EEAs continue their work by advocating for legislation, policies, and initiatives to create stronger public school systems statewide. 

To be eligible for the Education Equity Ambassador program you must be a parent or guardian of a student one of the following schools: 

  • Harlen Elementary
  • Joseph E. Johnson Elementary
  • Pulaski Early Education Center
  • Shortlidge Academy
  • Stubbs Early Education Center
  • The Bayard School
  • The Bancroft School
  • Warner Elementary
  • William C. Lewis Dual Language School

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For more information about the Education Equity Ambassador program or application, contact Shannon Griffin at


Kenyon Wilson

"The EEA program helped me build the skills to lead others in advocating for their children's educational needs. Shannon’s expertise equipped me with the tools and knowledge of educational equity challenges to be a more effective changemaker in my community." - Kenyon Wilson, Fall 2023 Cohort 


"Since joining the EEA program I have become more knowledgeable and empowered to fight for my children via channels that I didn't know existed within Delaware schools. Thank you so much for leading me down this path. I am excited to share what I've learned with others!" - Madeline Rosario, Fall 2023 Cohort 


EEAs at a training session
Training Sessions

EEAs training session allow ambassadors opportunities to engage community partnerships, grow necessary skills, and build advocacy strategies together. 

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Delaware schools must prioritize restorative practices for discipline

Dr. Malik Muhammad, Ed.D. on why our restorative journey in Delaware is far from over.

Malik Muhammad

Student success should come from celebrating achievement, not punishing children’s behavior. 

As our state battles inequity in education, violations of students’ rights, challenges to funding public schools, and systemic racism, the significance and profound impact of restorative practices cannot be understated. Prioritizing and effectively implementing restorative practices is a crucial step toward ensuring schools are truly places where students and staff feel included, respected, and supported. 

Our restorative journey in Delaware is far from over. Now’s the time to commit to creating a more just, inclusive, and equitable educational experience for generations to come. 

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Strengthening Bonds: The Power of Family Engagement in Education

Our latest from Equetta Jones, Principal at Love Creek Elementary School. 

Equetta Jones

For students, an environment that truly fosters learning and development is about far more than the classroom they’re in or the curriculum they’re taught. It’s about more than students themselves — it’s about families.  

Trusting families produce trusting students. That’s why school leaders must be aware of the role they play in creating spaces that promote inclusivity and engagement of students as well as their larger networks of loved ones as well.

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My Experience as an Education Equity Ambassador

Read more about Kenisha Delgado's experience as a member of the first cohort of EEAs.

Kenisha Delgado

Giving parents access to opportunities like the Education Equity Ambassador program is not only essential for student success but also for the success of our communities.

When parents join forces and feel welcomed and valued by the education community, it builds trust and mutual respect that extend beyond classroom walls. Giving parents access to opportunities like the Education Equity Ambassador program is not only essential for student success but also for the success of our community, state, and country.

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When it Comes to Our Students’ Success “It Takes A Village” is More Than a Cliché—It’s a Call to Action

A child’s village is a reflection of our larger society's values and priorities.

A group of children huddled in a circle looking down.

A child’s village is a reflection of our larger society's values and priorities. Are we teaching our children patience or punishment, compassion or criminalization, belonging or bias? We get to decide. 

A recent report published by the ACLU of Delaware’s Equity in Education Campaign in partnership with the Charter School of New Castle (CSNC) highlights approaches to successfully addressing discipline disparities and drastically reducing both in- and out-of-school suspension rates. 

The secret? An inclusive school model that not only emphasizes the role of teachers and educational institutions, but also focuses attention on student engagement, and the responsibility of parents, caregivers, and the broader community in creating an environment conducive to a child’s learning and development.

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Training Curriculum

Session One

The Power of Storytelling and Collaboration

The first session of the training series focuses on storytelling's role in relationship-building. Ambassadors learn and practice storytelling best practices and work together to craft effective messages. 


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Session 2

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Session 3

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Session 4

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Session 5

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Session 6

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