Are you concerned with violations of students’ rights, underfunding, systemic racism, and harsh disciplinary practices in Delaware public schools? Are you interested in becoming a trained advocate for a safe, equitable, and proficient education for all Delaware students? Become an Education Equity Ambassador!

Our Education in Equity Campaign is excited to launch the Education Equity Ambassador program to recruit, train, and empower Delaware parents and guardians to advocate for our schools and children and enable them with the skills to make changes for the better.

Education Equity Ambassadors (EEAs) complete an paid training over the course of six sessions to better understand and navigate avenues for change, and to grow the skills necessary to become community advocates on education equity issues such as budget equity, restorative justice, inclusion, and health and safety and more.

EEAs continue their work by advocating for legislation, policies, and initiatives to create stronger public school systems statewide. 

Apply now!

To be eligible for the Education Equity Ambassador program you must be a parent or guardian of a student one of the following schools: 

  • The Bayard School
  • The Bancroft School
  • Stubbs Early Education Center
  • Harlen Elementary
  • Joseph E. Johnson Elementary
  • Shortlidge Academy
  • Warner Elementary
  • William C. Lewis Dual Language School

All EEAs must complete a paid six-part training, location to be announced. 

  • Sept. 26

  • Oct. 17

  • Nov. 14

  • Feb. 6

  • Dec. 4

  • Jan. 8


For more information about the Education Equity Ambassador program or application, contact Shannon Griffin at