Meet ACLU-DE's New Executive Director!

June 1, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

A lot of things have changed since we announced the retirement of our former Executive Director last year, both within our organization and outside of it. The world looks very different right now: our country has shifted to a culture of social distance and public health as a priority, and here in Delaware we are navigating the curve as we try to figure out the best path forward.

But even now, exciting news deserves to be shared—and we have some very exciting news for you: the ACLU of Delaware has new leadership! Mike Brickner, our new Executive Director, joined the team this month. Without ever stepping foot into the office in his new role, Mike has already become an integral part of our team.

Join us at this virtual meet & greet to get to know more about Mike's background and his vision for ACLU-DE.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned here and on the Facebook event page for more information.