Delaware's historic education funding lawsuit settlement requires the creation of an independent entity that will assist students and families in working with schools to resolve various issues. 

The Delaware Ombudspersons’ program is an independent advocacy agency that assists families and other community members with educational needs and concerns — focusing on dispute resolution, equitable access to programs, services, and rigorous coursework, addressing issues of racism, ableism, and other sources of marginalization and inequality impacting students. 

This is the only statewide program solely focused on supporting students.

What the resolution will do

The proposed resolution will reconstitute the Delaware Parent Advisory Council (DEPAC) – a statewide group of parents and guardians from Title I public schools (including charter schools). 

The group will work in cooperation with the Delaware Department of Education to support families and schools to ensure equitable practices and provide additional oversight of school improvement plans. DEPAC will create an Education Equity Council to manage the Education Ombudsperson Program. 

Members will include representatives from the following groups/organizations:

  • Delaware Parent Advisory Council (DESPAC);
  • Governor’s Advisory Council of Exceptional Citizens (GACAC);
  • Special Education Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SESPAC);
  • Governor’s Advisory Council on English Learners (GACEC); and
  • Representatives from civil rights organizations and nonprofit agencies engaged in education equity issues.

Non-voting members will include:

  • An appointee from the Governor’s Office;
  • Delaware State Education Association (DSEA);
  • Local Education Agencies Representative Administering Title I & Title III programs; and
  • Delaware Association of School Administrators.


Rep. Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha (RD 1); Sen. Lockman; Sen. Sokola; Reps. Baumbach, K. Johnson, Kowalko


In Committee: House Education


151st General Assembly

Bill number