House Bill 447 requires that cases or charges that are more than 7 years old be treated as "resolved in favor of" a child or adult if there is no disposition available for the case and no outstanding warrants. This clarification will:

  • Prevent errors in record-keeping in the criminal justice system from stopping an otherwise qualified petitioner from obtaining an expungement that may otherwise be available; 
  • Require old cases for which no outcome is listed to be removed from a person's record if they are more than 7 years old; and
  • Allow an individual with multiple violations or misdemeanors in different cases that would be eligible for a mandatory expungement if they had occurred in a single case, and the individual has no other convictions on their record, to apply directly for a discretionary expungement after 5 years have passed from the most recent conviction.
    • The court would then consider the application under its usual “interest of justice” rubric in determining whether to grant the expungement.
    • This saves applications to the pardon board for multiple minor misdemeanors and increases parity between applicants with similar records.


Rep. Chukwuocha; Sen. Brown; Rep. Lynn; Sens. Gay, Sokola; Reps. Baumbach, Kowalko


Signed by Governor


151st General Assembly

Bill number


Needs amendments