Represent your support for the ACLU and help us celebrate 100 years fighting for civil rights and civil liberties by gifting swag that’s sure to please the civil liberty lovers on your list! View our featured favorites below, and browse all the items available at

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ACLU future Voter Onesie

“Future Voter” Onesie: $28
It's never too early to get excited about voting! Grab this adorable onesie for the ACLU supporter on your list who’s parenting a future voter of their own.

ACLU Beanie

Logo Beanie (Available in several colors): $30
Stay warm and show your support for civil liberties in our new cozy beanies.

ACLU policing pin

Rethink Policing Pin: $13
The racism and brutality of our police systems make it clear – we need a bold reimagining of policing in America. That starts with divesting from law enforcement and reinvesting in the communities it unjustly targets.

ACLU Face Mask

Logo Face Mask: $15
Stay safe and show your support for the ACLU with our newest face mask.

ACLU sweatshirt

Stitched Logo Sweatshirt (Available in several colors): $60
Our crewnecks are the softest, coziest way to show your support for civil liberties.

ACLU Emma tee

Emma Tee: $28
This shirt makes it clear: this isn’t Donald Trump’s America; it’s OUR America.