Broaden the Horizon on Equity for All: Our Strategic Plan Through 2024

Innovative and effective work takes intentional planning. We are proud to introduce our strategic plan, with five priority planks that will guide our work over the next three years of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Featuring artwork from Amir Campbell, a Delaware artist!
Article by Kira Akins, Communications Intern

We are at an inflection point in our nation’s history. With attacks on the very foundations of our democracy coupled with the urgent need to address systemic and historic racism, these problems can feel overwhelming and progress can feel elusive.

Why does it matter to us? We at the ACLU of Delaware, have a responsibility to one another, and to our communities, to see that equity for all Delawareans is not just a word or phrase, but a value carried out through realizing our mission. By challenging inequities in our education and justice systems, we are one step closer to achieving the full promise of our nation’s Constitution. But this work can’t be done without strategic planning that reflects our communities’ and supporters’ voices, values, and needs. 

That’s why it is even more critical today that the ACLU of Delaware set out a focused and ambitious strategic plan, to guide us over the next three years of unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Our plan includes five priority planks:

  1. Securing our right to vote,
  2. Ending mass incarceration,
  3. Ensuring every child receives a quality and equitable education,
  4. Growing our capacity – particularly in litigation, our presence in Southern Delaware, and outreach to the Latinx Community, and
  5. Living our values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 

Read the Report

Our work to protect and expand the rights of Delawareans can’t be done without the help and support of the communities we serve. Learn more about each of our strategic plan goals in this report, and consider supporting us as we work to make them a reality over the next few years.

Featured artwork for this report is by Amir Campbell. Learn about Amir and see more of their work at