Every February, we celebrate the important contributions to society by Black Americans during Black History Month. After centuries of systemic injustice, it is vital that time is set aside to honor and highlight the historic plight of Black people and the progress that has been made. However, as we reflect on Black history, it’s important to envision the future of Black communities in America. In the hopes that we may reorient our thinking to a new transformative framework that reimagines tomorrow, we expand our celebration of Black History Month this year by including an important discussion about Black Futures, too. 

It has been more than 50 years since the Wilmington Unrest of 1968, when the people of Wilmington took to the streets to express outrage over the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We saw the echoes of that uprising last summer, when Delawareans again took to the streets to make their voice heard by demonstrating against police brutality. 

We are living through history, and what happens today must be understood in the context of yesterday if progress is to occur. Black History Month reminds us to remember our past, and centering Black futures will help give us the tools to move forward in equity and justice for all.

Stay tuned on our social media pages throughout the month as we highlight important figures in Delaware's Black history and showcase leaders in the movement today who are championing the path ahead.