Yesterday the Delaware House of Representatives passed House Substitute 2 for House Bill 110 (HS 2 for HB 110) sponsored by House Majority Leader, Representative Melissa Minor-Brown. In a time where legislatures across the United States are stripping away abortion rights, the Delaware House has taken significant steps to improve access to abortion care for all Delawareans. HS 2 for HB 110 ensures access by reducing the financial barriers for people covered by Medicaid, private insurance, and state health insurance plans.  

By requiring insurance plans to cover abortion care, people from all walks of life – young people, low-income people, disabled people, and those who live far away from providers will be able to access care. Even with health insurance, the current cost of care may be too much for some people, but HS 2 for HB 110 will help break down socioeconomic barriers and racial disparities in reproductive health care.  

The bill has now traveled to the Senate, and it’s vital that they act quickly to pass this necessary legislation. Now is the time for Delaware to boldly stand and ensure that all can access their abortion rights.