All of Delaware’s students deserve a safe, equitable, and proficient education, and we’re committed to ensuring Delaware takes the necessary steps to make that vision a reality. Through advocacy and direct service in schools, our education campaigns work to ensure all children in Delaware are offered the learning environment that they deserve. 

Equitable education systems aren’t achieved alone – they’re built by individuals from every role in a community getting informed, getting involved, and working together. We’ve revitalized our education equity content across our website to bring you the latest information on these initiatives so that you have the information and tools needed to get involved, too. 

Learn more about our campaigns and initiatives below.

Equity in Education

ACLU-DE’s Equity in Education campaign is about engaging and mobilizing educators, parents, administrators, and students to interact with local schools and create positive school community networks.

The Equity in Education campaign is also a partner and umbrella for several other campaigns and initiatives to further equity in Delaware schools.

Learn more about the Equity in Education Campaign

Students Engaged for Action (SEFA)

Students who are involved in their larger communities through school programs often feel a sense of inclusion and belonging in their own school communities, leading to better education outcomes and a path of civic engagement that can last far beyond their grade school years.

Learn more about Scholars Engaged for Action (SEFA)

School Discipline

Children should be educated, not incarcerated. We are working to challenge numerous policies and practices within Delaware’s public school systems and the juvenile justice system that perpetuate a school-to-prison pipeline. 

Learn more about school discipline

Fair Discipline Toolkit

This training is a tool for Delaware educators to address high school discipline rates by learning and adopting systematic approaches that encourage problem-solving and create opportunities for students to take more responsibility for their behavior.

Read the toolkit

S.A.F.E. Schools

The S.A.F.E. (Safe, Accountable, Forward, Equitable) Schools campaign is powered by the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League with support from ACLU-DE. S.A.F.E. Schools is a grassroots organization dedicated to realizing true equity in New Castle County public schools.

Learn more about S.A.F.E. Schools

Addressing inequity in education at the roots of the issues can help us create the necessary reforms and advancements to make equity a foundational part of our education systems. And we couldn’t do this work without the support and involvement of Delawareans inside and outside those systems.

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