Christian Caldwell was plagued by depression and anxiety in his youth. He was prescribed several different pharmaceuticals, but nothing helped. He started self-medicating with alcohol, and soon began to get into fights. He later committed a crime he didn't remember. No one was injured, but he pled guilty to burglary and assault to avoid prison time.

Eventually diagnosed with a personality disorder, Christian found that behavioral therapy has given him tools he never had before. He completed his sentence and has been trouble-free for 15 years. However, trapped by his criminal history, he has been barred from several jobs -- even after being hired or offered employment.

Fifteen years is long enough to conclude that he has been rehabilitated and deserves a fair shake at a career.

Read Christian's story and about how collateral consequences have severely limited his employment opportunities.

Read the entire publication: Every Sentence Should Not Equal a Life Sentence: Collateral Consequences Reform in Delaware.

Christian's story is one of thousands throughout Delaware. The ACLU of Delaware is initiating and supporting legislation to correct these injustices.

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