UPDATE: March 17, 2023

Delaware State University President, Dr. Tony Allen, issued a statement this evening rescinding the decision to require DSU students to sign confidentiality agreements in order to participte in the newly formed Safe Space Coalition. "They (students) deserve our unwavering support in the face of adversity, and if we want them to be a part of the solutions to the University’s most pressing concerns, they need to know that such a process is clear and transparent," Allen wrote.

We look forward to meaningful reform within DSU campus administration and police departments— led by student voices.

Read the full statement from the DSU Office of the President

The letter below was sent to Delaware State University officials on March 17, expressing serious concerns about the school’s use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for participants in the Safe Space Coalition. The group was formed to address concerns about campus sexual assault and harassment following weeks of student protests over school officials and law enforcement handling of campus incidents.

ACLU- DE strongly urges DSU officials to rescind student NDA agreements and take meaningful action in a way that does not encroach upon students’ rights to express themselves, perpetuate the silencing of survivors of sexual assault, and keep the public uninformed about an issue that is of grave importance.

As always, the ACLU of Delaware is willing to speak about any of these concerns and work with DSU officials to address these issues

Click here to download the full letter