The Fight for Civil Liberty Continues: Staff Spotlights: Operations Team

COVID-19 is forcing organizations of all types to adapt and take bold measures for the sake of public health. Here at the ACLU of Delaware, our Administrative Coordinator Angela Harris and Interim Executive Director Kathy Epler are working diligently to adjust our operations to ensure our entire team can work remotely. Even with our new normal, though, the duo remains committed to the ACLU’s mission, supporting digital staff collaboration and striving to maintain continuity for our pre-outbreak projects. 

The operations team is also working with our Board of Directors to create a comprehensive strategy that will help us meet our advocacy, litigation, communication, organizing and development goals. 

Kathy Epler commends the entire team for anticipating working from home and continuing to work at a high level of efficiency.

Need to get in touch with either member of our operations team? You can email Angela here and Kathy here.

About This Series

The team at ACLU-DE is always working hard to defend civil rights and liberties in Delaware. That was true before this public health emergency, and it will remain true after it.

But now, in this rapidly-evolving situation, our work has increased twofold. We’re fighting around-the-clock to ensure that our work inside and outside of the COVID-19 situation is covered. We don’t back down from a challenge, and we won’t back down from this.

We plan to give you updates with information about the work we’re doing at least once a week during this time so that you know that we’re here and we’ve still got your back.

For the latest on our COVID-19 work, please visit our landing page here.

As The Fight For Civil Liberty Continues, please consider making a donation to help support our work. We know it can be hard to donate money in these uncertain times, so if you can’t donate, please consider sharing this update with friends and family members. 

Stay safe, and well, and remember: "We the people" means all of us.