Were you detained at Gander Hill or Baylor for a nonviolent offense because you could not make bail?

  • What happened to your job?
  • What happened to your family?
  • What happened to your other obligations?

The Delaware Center for Justice (DCJ) has been closely following the implementation of the Justice Reinvestment Act, specifically in regards to initiatives surrounding pretrial reform. DCJ is exploring the possibility of developing a community-based pretrial supervision program for those who do not pose a significant risk to community safety but who may not be able provide the needed cash to secure their bail. 

Pretrial detainees comprise nearly 25% of the inmates at the Howard Young Correctional Institution (also known as Gander Hill) and 40% of the inmates at the Baylor's Women's Correctional Institution.

High rates of pretrial detention present serious social, constitutional and budgetary issues for all of us to consider.

The Delaware Center for Justice is interested in the experiences and the needs of these pretrial detainees. They are conducting interviews in a focus group setting to learn how our detention policies in practice affect defendants and their communities. Focus groups will be held during the period from November 7-21, 2013.

If you're interested in sharing your story, call 302-658-7174 x40 or email surj@dcjustice.org with your name, phone number, and the best time to contact you.

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