Note: This newsletter went to print prior to the murder of George Floyd by law enforcement that sparked a wave of protests across the nation in the last few weeks. Stay tuned for a special feature in our next newsletter to focus on racial justice, policing reform and more. In the meantime, keep up the pressure for a fundamental shift in the way we address and confront racism in America. It’s working.

As you move into a summer that will likely be defined by speaking truth to power and navigating a new normal, take a break from the present to catch up on what we’ve been up to the last few months. This is your Spring Connection.

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Inside, you’ll read about how we’ve adapted to COVID-19 in order to protect both the health and the rights of Delawareans. We have prioritized: securing the safety of those in correctional facilities, facilitating safe democratic participation in Delaware’s elections, and advocating for those who are especially vulnerable during the pandemic. This issue also features:

  • People we admire, including our new Executive Director (who has a fresh perspective on our path forward as an organization), our departing Board President, and this year’s prospective members of the ACLU-DE Board of Directors. 
  • Progress in our education funding lawsuit, which will now impact tax assessments and schools in our counties. 
  • Local organizations that are striving to rectify inequities and help people in need during COVID-19. 
  • Ways to protest while avoiding infection, courtesy of ACLU National. There are many ways to speak out, and even as we demand change, we have to take precautions for everyone’s health. 

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. For the latest on our COVID-19 work, please visit our landing page here. If you’re concerned about government response as we continue to navigate this challenging time, remember: we’re still here, and we’ve still got your back.