We can all agree that safety produces an environment conducive for learning. A common misconception, though, is that the presence of police officers and armed security guards provide that safety in schools. Extensive research on the subject paints a different picture.

School Resource Officers (SROs) often come with unintended harmful consequences, including thrusting students into the justice system and perpetuating racial inequality. Despite best intentions, the presence of police in schools can sometimes undermine effective student behavior management strategies and contribute to a less-inclusive school environment because of the racial disparities perpetuated by the presence of those SROs.

That’s why we sent a letter to the Red Clay Consolidated School District’s Board of Directors asking them to pass the proposed resolution to remove SROs from all the district’s schools. The resolution would require the district to reallocate all current and future dedicated funds for SROs, constables, and other law enforcement officers to instead fund preventative, trauma-informed interventions, such as social workers, school counselors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals.

Read the resolution here 

The school board is voting on this resolution next Wednesday, July 8, at 7 p.m. You can help make the Red Clay Consolidated School District more equitable for all of its students by submitting a public comment in support of the proposed resolution. Click here for more information on that meeting and to submit a public comment. 

We also teamed up with the Building People Power Education Issue Campaign to distribute a survey to all Red Clay school board candidates to find out where they stand on this issue. Those answers will be posted publicly on the Building People Power website as they are received so that you can educate yourself on the candidates’ positions ahead of the July 21 school board elections. You can also send a letter to the Red Clay school board members directly through this automated letter campaign from Delaware United.

Read the Candidates' Answers here

You can also take action by signing our petition in support of counselors, not cops, for Red Clay schools.

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Thank you for supporting education equity for Red Clay students.

PS: Did you know that you can request an absentee ballot to vote in the school board elections this year? Request your ballot today at iVote.DE.gov using the “I am sick, or temporarily or permanently physically disabled” option as your absentee excuse. This is the option that is covered under Governor Carney’s absentee voting order.