Gavin Grimm made national headlines with his fight against transgender discrimination at his school in Virginia. His argument, presented by ACLU lawyers, is that a 1972 federal civil rights law (known as Title IX) that bans discrimination "on the basis of sex" protects individuals against discrimination based on gender identity. 

In the context of this ongoing legal battle, the U.S. Justice Department, under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said public schools are no longer obligated to follow previous federal guidance that required them to allow transgender students to use the bathroom facility that fit their gender identity. The Supreme Court will have to decide who is correct. Many transgender youth and their parents are now more concerned than ever about their rights.
ACLU of Delaware collaborated with Equality Delaware to ensure that transgender individuals could legally change their birth certificates to match their gender identify without undergoing surgery.  

Every student has the right to learn in a safe and accepting school environment. Supporting transgender students gives them the equal opportunity that all students need.

We also encourage Delaware schools to adopt fair and non-discriminatory policies that allow transgender students to learn in a welcoming environment. For more details, here is an informative guide that highlights best practices while offering strategies for building upon and aligning them with each school's culture. You will also find advice if your transgender child is suffering from discrimination at school.

You may also find "Protecting the Rights of Transgender Parents and their Children: A Guide for Parents and Lawyers" helpful.