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HB 102: Relating to Human Trafficking Victims

This bill allows a person who is arrested or convicted of any crime, except a violent felony, which was a direct result of being a victim of human trafficking may file an application or for a pardon or expungement or make a motion to vacate judgment.

April 26, 2019

HS 1 for HB 10: Setting a minimum age of prosecution

United States Supreme Court case law and scientific research has changed how we think about juvenile delinquency. We know now that an adolescent’s brain is not fully developed until the mid-twenties which makes juveniles especially prone to poor decision-making.

April 26, 2019

HS 1 for HB 75: Regarding the jurisdiction of DSCYF for juvenile offenders

This Act clarifies that the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families (DSCYF) continues to have exclusive jurisdiction over a juvenile's care, custody, and control when a juvenile is found delinquent of an offense in Family Court and is sentenced to a term of confinement

April 26, 2019

SS 1 for SB 37: Adult Expungement Reform Act

In our modern society, a criminal record can limit a person’s opportunities and the quality of life they can achieve for themselves and their families for years, and even decades, after that person has completed the terms of the criminal sentence imposed.

March 25, 2019