Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the ACLU of Delaware.

Volunteering with the ACLU-DE is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both our organization and the volunteer. Volunteers add capacity to the ACLU-DE’s work by taking on projects that advance our strategic priorities, allow staff to focus on non-administrative tasks, and expand our reach to our communities. In addition, volunteers gain a practical understanding of important constitutional issues, an insider’s view on how social change is created, and opportunities to develop a wide range of professional skills. The ACLU-DE is a collaborative and supportive work environment, which allows volunteers to develop strong relationships with staff and make a difference in their community.

Volunteers are an important part of ACLU-DE. As a general volunteer, you can help promote civil liberties by recruiting new members, assisting staff with administrative work, mobilizing support on critical legislative issues, and conducting legal and/or policy research.

You may also volunteer with ACLU-DE as a cooperating attorney or view our internship opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities

Communications Department

Content generators

  • The Communications Department seeks volunteers with experience in an issue area (including lived experience, academic backgrounds, and/or professional expertise) to draft op-eds, blog posts, website copy, and LTEs on our priority issues. 
  • Issues include justice systems reform, record clearance, education equity, reproductive freedom, voting rights, immigrants’ rights, disability rights, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and other issues, depending on campaign needs.
  • Time commitment: Varies based on the content

Interested in volunteering with our Communications Department? Contact Casira Copes, Communications Director, at

Legal Department

Research volunteers

  • The Legal Department seeks volunteers to help perform legal & factual research on many of the broad issues currently being investigated for further legal action.
  • Issues include Prison Abuse, Police Brutality, Voting Rights, LGBTQ+ Discrimination, Freedom of Information Act, First Amendment, Immigrants’ Rights, Disability Rights, and others.
  • Time commitment: Varies based on the project

Interested in volunteering with our Legal Department? Contact Dwayne Bensing, Legal Director, at