HB 455 would allow Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) like nurse practitioners and physician assistants to provide procedural abortion care.

This bill builds upon the successful passage of HB 320 earlier this year, which allowed APCs to provide medication abortion care. APCs are extremely well-qualified clinicians, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has long supported expanding their ability to provide the full range of abortion care. Procedural abortions are safe to perform, with a significantly lower rate of complications compared to labor and delivery, which APCs already routinely perform.

Delaware has already been a leader by guaranteeing abortion rights in state law. Now we need to take additional steps to ensure that right is expanded so that abortion care will become increasingly accessible to all who need it.

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Representative Melissa Minor-Brown (RD 17); Sen. Gay, S. McBride, Sturgeon, Townsend; Reps. Heffernan, Longhurst, K. Johnson, Griffith, Bennett, Baumbach, Morrison; Sen. Hansen, Paradee, Sokola; Reps. Kowalko, Lambert, Mitchell, S. Moore


Signed by Governor


151st General Assembly

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