By: Ryan Ewing, Campaign Strategist, The Clean Slate Initiative

In the complicated world of expungement, Clean Slate Delaware (CSDE) has created an exemplary resource to help adults with Delaware records navigate their path to a brighter future.

Say hello to Clean Slate Delaware’s expungement hub at a brand new resource sharing all the current and upcoming details on how to obtain an expungement of your arrest or conviction record in the state of Delaware.

Launched at the Delaware Center for Justice “Visions of Justice” conference in Wilmington in October 2023, the vision of this expungement hub is to be a centralized resource to answer all of your questions regarding expungements and to assist those seeking the expungement of their records both now and in the future.

As many of us are aware, an arrest or conviction record can impede people’s ability to obtain stable employment, adequate housing, and even a higher education. These obstacles leave many people in Delaware trapped in a cycle of poverty, without knowing where to turn for help. Incredibly, while expungement is available to Delaware citizens today, the process is a tangled mess of paperwork and costs, leaving many people lost, confused, or disillusioned.

The CSDE expungement hub seeks to change all that, by providing a one-stop shop for expungement assistance, including financial assistance, along with links to local expungement clinics, frequently asked questions and other resources.  

As expungement in Delaware is due to become automated in 2024 under the Clean Slate Act, the expungement hub will provide the latest information on record clearance, including which offenses will be eliminated automatically, while continuing to offer guidance on the traditional, petition-based expungement process.

The result is that Clean Slate Delaware’s expungement hub will remain a valuable clearinghouse of information now and in the future. We hope that the 400,000 Delawareans with an arrest or conviction record will bookmark and continue to use this hub as a resource for their record clearance needs. By clearing the path forward for these individuals and their families, Delaware can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.


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