In Delaware and across the U.S., COVID-19 is putting strain on our government, our businesses, and our families. Nevertheless, federal, state, and local leaders are striving to protect our democracy and keep vital institutions functioning as the country fights back against the virus—and safeguarding our elections should be a key part of that fight. 

Last week, the state of Delaware enacted measures so that Delawareans can participate in our Presidential Primary without risking public or individual safety. On March 24, Gov. Carney issued an order that moved the Presidential Primary to Tuesday, June 2, 2020, with the hope that the spread of COVID-19 will halt over the next two months.

The order also expanded access to absentee voting, allowing every Delawarean to request an absentee ballot to vote from the safety of their own home during this public health emergency.

The voter registration deadline hasn’t changed, though: it is still this Saturday, April 4. To participate in the primary, you must register to vote with a participating party before Saturday. If you are not registered, or if you are not sure of your registration status, follow the links below to ensure that you are registered today. 

Click here to see if you’re registered

If you are not registered, click here to register

If you have questions, refer to this DE voter registration FAQ.

You must be registered to vote before you can request to vote absentee.


Absentee voting instructions and guidelines are here.