A lot of things have changed since we announced the retirement of our former Executive Director last year, both within our organization and outside of it. The world looks very different right now: our country has shifted to a culture of social distance and public health as a priority, and here in Delaware we are navigating the curve as we try to figure out the best path forward.

But even now, exciting news deserves to be shared—and we have some very exciting news for you: the ACLU of Delaware has new leadership! Mike Brickner, our new Executive Director, joined the team this month. Without ever stepping foot into the office in his new role, Mike has already become an integral part of our team. Get to know him a little more by learning about his background below, then reading his first “Letter from the ED” on the next page.

Mike loves voting rights.

Prior to joining us here in Delaware, Mike was the Ohio State Director of All Voting is Local (AVL), a new campaign to secure and expand the right to vote. Mike’s focus at AVL was fighting discriminatory voter purges, ensuring jailed voters could cast a ballot, and exposing how unfair provisional ballot systems disenfranchised Black, low-income, and young voters in Ohio. He’s already got us working on important voting efforts here, so stay tuned for more information on that.

He’s new to our affiliate, but not new to the ACLU.

Before AVL, Mike was the Senior Policy Director at the ACLU of Ohio for 14 years. During his tenure at ACLU-OH, Mike worked on a variety of critical civil liberties movements, including campaigns to reform Ohio’s criminal justice system, protecting safe and equitable access to reproductive healthcare, and ensuring LGBTQ people are free from discrimination.

These campaigns resulted in systemic reforms to combat contemporary debtors’ prisons; end burdensome pay-to-stay jail fees; fight the use of prisons for profit; stop solitary confinement of people with severe mental illnesses, work with community groups and law enforcement in Cincinnati and Cleveland to build community trust and support positive police practices; and increase support for legislation that would prohibit discrimination against people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

He’s got a great vision, and a huge heart. Mike is a perfect fit for Delaware.

With Mike’s experience, passion for civil liberties and commitment to protecting our most vulnerable communities, the ACLU of Delaware is in great hands.

To learn more about Mike's background and his vision for ACLU-DE, join us at a virtual meet & greet event on Monday, June 1 at 7pm or reach out to him at mbrickner@aclu-de.org if you’d like to connect further.

More info about meet and greet here