The ACLU of Delaware is excited to introduce our newest team member, Meera Devotta!

Meera joined the ACLU-DE team as the ACLU Voter Campaign Manager in March 2022. She was born and raised in Delaware; however, after graduating from The George Washington University, she spent three years teaching English in Madrid, Spain. Prior to her time in Madrid, she also spent time teaching in Ecuador, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meera is passionate about anti-racist, anti-bias teaching practices and creating inclusive and intersectional educational materials. Outside of the classroom, she has dedicated much of her time to Art Spoken Madrid, an organization that works to amplify voices of color in the performing arts. In her free time, she loves writing and performing spoken word poetry and trying her hand at new vegan recipes.

Meera is excited to return home to Delaware as we prepare for the 2022 midterm elections. She is currently beginning her work to create a voter education plan that will engage and inspire Delawareans to cast their ballot in 2022. 

During a critical year for many of the issues Delawareans care about, Meera is working on our policy and advocacy team, and alongside the Delaware Voting Rights Coalition (DVRC), to address election protection and improve access to the ballot box for the reentry community. She’s also working to create a voter information website,, which will serve as a resource for Delawareans to learn about upcoming elections, hear candidates’ stances on issues, and more – housing anything and everything elections-related in Delaware. 

Your vote is your voice in the halls of Dover, and we want to make sure every Delawarean has the information they need to cast their vote for the candidate who best represents them. As the year rolls on, and we tackle school board elections, then the primary and general elections, Meera will play a vital role in continuing advocacy to expand access to the ballot and educate all eligible voters in Delaware about where, when, and how they can make their voices heard through their vote.