On Thursday, April 29, 2021, the General Assembly's Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force convened to vote on recommendations for legislation that would address police reform needs in Delaware. Below is our statement on the outcome of that meeting.

PRESS STATEMENT: Thursday, April 29, 2021
CONTACT: Morgan Keller, Communications Director, ACLU of Delaware, Email: mkeller@aclu-de.org

The statement below is attributable to Haneef Salaam, ACLU of Delaware’s Campaign for Smart Justice manager

“Today’s Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force meeting made one thing critically clear: Delawareans want increased police accountability and transparency reforms, and we want them now. We can no longer wait for task force red tape and meetings that don’t meet the promises they make — our lawmakers need to move ahead with the recommendations that were made today, to introduce a bill that will reform the Law-Enforcement Bill of Rights (LEOBOR) and bring real changes to a statute that only serves to protect police at all costs.

Transparency and accountability are necessary for due process, a fairer legal system, trust between police and our communities, and trust within law enforcement agencies. We must end this practice of police investigations being shrouded in secrecy without community oversight. Delawareans have spoken, and we deserve swift action, without any further delay.”