With you by our side, we've accomplished a lot in the last 10 years.

From protecting the Fourth Amendment in 2010 to historic criminal justice reform in 2019—and everything in-between—we've had a busy 10 years.

We know that the fight for liberty never stays won, and we have a lot to stand up against in the coming years. But we have never been more ready to continue that fight.

With your support, we'll keep doing great things in Delaware.

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Here's a snapshot of some of our milestone work this decade. Thank you for helping us get this far!

2010: Protecting Newark Tenants' Rights Under the Fourth Amendment

2011: Passing of the Civil Union and Equality Act

2012: Protecting the Free Speech Rights of Students

2014: Delaware Supreme Court overturns the conviction of death row prisoner Jermaine Wright, citing a "miscarriage of justice."

2015: Standing Up for Inmates with Mental Health Issues in Solitary Confinement

2016: Effectively Abolishing the Death Penalty

2018: Suing the State for More Equitable School Funding Solutions

2019: Historic Criminal Justice Reform