WILMINGTON — In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s devastating ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and strip Americans of their fundamental right to abortion, reproductive rights advocates announced they have launched the First State Abortion Fund. The Fund, which operates under a reproductive justice framework, is the first abortion fund in Delaware and its mission will be to provide support for people who need access to abortion, including costs for the procedure, childcare, and transportation costs. 

“Millions of people lost a fundamental human right when the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling,” said Sen. Kyle Evans Gay. “While Delaware has wisely protected abortion access in state law, lack of resources continues to be a barrier for far too many people seeking abortions. The First State Abortion Fund will bridge the gap for low-income people to ensure they are able to obtain the medical care they deserve.”

State lawmakers codified access to abortion in 2017, meaning that Delaware is one of a few states where the right to abortion is protected by state law. However, at least 26 states will move to ban or severely restrict abortion, while several other states may pass restrictions in the coming months and years.

“Every Delawarean deserves access to safe and effective abortion care,” said Rep. Melissa Minor-Brown. “How much money you have, where you live, whether you have a reliable car, or access to childcare should not dictate whether you can obtain an abortion. We seek to eliminate these barriers and ensure every person can exercise full autonomy over their body and future.”

“Many Americans are angry that the U.S. Supreme Court has taken away our fundamental right to control our bodies,” said Rebecca Lowe. “The First State Abortion Fund was formed by local advocates who wanted to proactively ensure that every Delawarean can access an abortion free from financial limitations. We invite every person who was appalled by the U.S. Supreme Court decision to join us and donate to pay for abortion care for those who need it.”

More information about the First State Abortion Fund may be found at its website: www.firststateabortionfund.org. Leadership at the First State Abortion Fund will be announcing in the coming weeks its plans for providing financial assistance to people seeking abortions, and how individuals may access those funds.