“As a direct result of today's devastating ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, states will begin banning abortion and criminalizing reproductive health care throughout the country almost immediately, including neighboring states in our own region. Delaware's protections around abortion access have just become even more critical — not only for Delawareans seeking abortion care, but for anyone who cannot obtain a legal abortion in their own state. 

If Delaware is going to be a true safe haven for abortion care, we must fortify the protections we already have in place and build on them wherever we can. We must pass HB 455, the bill that will allow Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) to provide a full range of abortion care, including procedural abortions. We must also expand access by allowing Medicaid funding for abortions, requiring private insurance to cover abortion care free from additional out-of-pocket expenses, and removing parental notification laws to ensure that every person who needs abortion access can do so independently and confidentially.

Whenever there's an attack on abortion rights, whether it's in Delaware or nationwide, Delawareans stand up to show that we will not accept attacks on anyone's sacred right to control their own body. That energy is needed now more than ever as we head to the polls for this year's primary and general elections. We must elect candidates who have a clear commitment to protecting and expanding access to reproductive health care by taking advantage of resources like VoteDelaware.org, which list candidates' positions, so voters can make informed decisions.

Forced pregnancy has life-altering consequences, and it's an issue that impacts every single one of us. You're either a person who can become pregnant, or you love a person who can become pregnant – and we're asking you to stand with us in support of yourself or that person you love. Rally with us, take action with us, vote with us. We've got your back, and we won't back down.”

This statement is attributable to Mike Brickner, ACLU of Delaware executive director