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Morgan Kelly
Communications Director

August 4, 2022

ACLU-DE Launches Public Archives to Preserve Records Detailing a Long History of Advocacy in the First State

WILMINGTON, DE—Since 1961, the ACLU of Delaware (ACLU-DE) has worked to defend and expand civil liberties across the First State. Over the years, the organization has played key roles in landmark litigation and vital legislation to ensure the constitutional rights of all Delawareans. Now, the organization is releasing a public archive, hosted on their website, that will serve as a living record of their history of litigation, advocacy, and growth through the years.

In the new archives section of the ACLU-DE website, you'll find both written and oral histories recalling the organization's involvement in civil liberties issues over the decades since they were inaugurated as a Delaware chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on March 2, 1961.

Videos featuring oral histories available now in the archives include former Executive Directors Drew Fennell and Judy Mellen, founding Board Member Gil Sloan, former Legal Director Ryan Tack-Hooper, former Development Director David Bever, and more, and Executive Director Mike Brickner notes that these archives will continue to grow.

“These archives are a living space – we'll add to them as our history unfolds,” said Brickner. “We'd like to extend a special thank you to Mitchell Patterson, our former communications intern who brought this project to life, and to every person who contributed to this project by providing an interview, sharing historic documents or photos from our past, reviewing content for accuracy, and more.”

The organization invites Delawareans to visit the ACLU of Delaware Archives on their website to learn more about the ACLU-DE's origins and the past, present, and future of their work to protect and expand civil liberties here in Delaware.

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